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Push-Pull Muscle Strength Dynamometer 100 Lb. Capacity

Model: 10041B

Push-Pull Muscle Strength Dynamometer 100 Lb. Capacity

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The Heavy-Duty Dynamometer features the hydraulic system that is used in the industry accepted Baseline© and Jamar© hand dynamometers and pinch gauges. The hydraulic system ensures accurate readings. The dynamometer is much lighter (1.5 lb. vs. 6 lb.) and easier to use than spring push-pull dynamometers that are in common use today. The dial continuously shows instantaneous force and holds the maximum force reading. This maximum reading should be manually recorded prior to resetting for the next test. The dynamometer is available with either an analog (dial) readout or a digital (LCD) readout. Choose either 50 lb., 100 lb., 250 lb., or 500 lb. force capacity unit. The dynamometer comes with 3 push pads (padded curved, padded straight, and 1 cm2 circular), 1 pull hook, and 1 snap-lock hook. The dynamometer comes in a cushioned carrying case with muscle heat test manual. The dynamometer has a 1 Year Warranty and is CE certified.
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